Recognizing Theory in Media

Siner’s article on the recent implementation of free community college for most adult students in Tennessee is an example of Critical Theory. The article emphasizes that higher education is unavailable to many non-traditional students because of the high cost (Tennessee already offers free community college for graduating high school students). Siner directly involves politics in her commentary when she quotes Republican Governor Bill Haslam as “preaching” the importance of providing opportunities for adults to attend higher education. Additionally, Critical Theory would be applied to this article because it also discusses ageism, and the way in which older college students can feel intimidated by being part of a minority group. In summation, Critical Theory can be applied to this article because the writer focuses her discussion on the way in which it will benefit people who are from low-income or middle-income status, while it also focuses on the way in which non-traditional, minority students will be affected, thus putting the facts into socioeconomic and minority representation contexts.


Siner, Emily. (June 11, 2017). The first state to offer free community college to nearly every adult. nprEd. Retrieved from

Ibid: (Image).


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